Sasnak City, LLC (herein after referred to as SCL)
Purchaser (herein after referred to as TICKET HOLDER)

1. Sasnak City LLC (herein after referred to as SCL) reserves the right to refuse admission and/or services at any event and/or activity, to any person for any reason deemed necessary.
2. Any person found behaving in an unlawful manner, being disrespectful to staff/ guests/ fellow Ticket Holders, or disrupting the proceedings of any event and/or activity hosted by SCL will be reported to security immediately, have their badge revoked, and be removed from the event and/or activity, with no refund of monies for purchases granted.
3. SCL reserves the right to instruct security and/or staff to review and/or inspect any Ticket Holders bags, event credentials and/or government issued I.D. cards at any time throughout the duration of the event and/or activity. Any person purchasing an event and/or activity ticket to attend a SCL event and/or activity agrees to these reviews and/or inspections in order to ensure a safe environment.
4. No refunds will be given for any purchase of tickets for any event and/or activity. Purchaser agrees that should the specific event and/or activity requested be cancelled for unforeseen organizational impediments, that all purchases made will be transferred to a similar event and/or activity organized as a replacement by SCL. If an event and/or activity cannot take place as planned and/or cannot be held on the selected dates and/or at the listed location, it will be rescheduled, and/or relocated. All Ticket Holders will be informed of the new schedule. SCL will not be held responsible for any expenses accrued by ticket holders due to the rescheduling of a convention, event or activity. If a ticket holder is unable to attend the requested event and/or activity a Transfer of Pass is acceptable via written authorization by SCL.

5. SCL accepts no responsibility for any casualties (stolen items, personal effects losses, accidents, injuries, and all items pertaining to such) occurring before, during or after any event and/or activity on the event and/or activity premises.
6.  SCL accepts no responsibility for opinions and personal declarations expressed by guests and participants attending any event and/or activity, and/or by any member of its staff.
7. SCL accepts no responsibility for any personal initiative taken by guests or staff in their name only or on account of third parties.

8. By attending any SCL event and/or activity, Ticket Holders agree to have their image displayed on this website, in news, promotional works, documentaries or stories. All images, video and/or audio recordings made by SCL, its members, staff or individual and/or company contracted to provide these services are the sole property of SCL. By ticket purchase, Ticket Holders are renouncing any and all claims to any financial compensation for such use of their image.

9. To attend an event organized by SCL, a ticket in the purchaser’s name is required. Tickets are not allowed to be transferred to another individual without written consent from SCL as outlined under “Ticket Transferring”. All Ticket Holders must present a printed copy of their ticket confirmation email for their selected event, a valid government issued photo Identification Card or Driver’s License/Passport. Any event and/or activity hosted by SCL is a private event held for authorized ticket holders. Failing to provide proper identification will result in denial to access the event and/or activity and immediate removal from the premises. Ticket confirmation emails and tickets are effective only for the listed event and/or activity dates.

10. Individuals are allowed to purchase ONE type of ticket per person per name. If purchasing more than one ticket during a transaction each Ticket Holder’s information MUST be provided. 
11. If any individual has their ticket rendered void to any event and/or activity due to breach of these Terms & Conditions, no refund of monies for purchases made will be granted. SCL is not responsible for any cost or loss sustained to attend the event or in relation to it due to the voiding of the ticket.
12. SCL events and/or activities are for individuals 18 (Eighteen) years of age and older.

                                                                                                             *** PLEASE NOTE***
​                 Ticket Holders under 21 (Twenty-One) years of age, are NOT allowed to attend any Cocktail Parties, Whiskey Tastings or Adventures

                                                                                       under any circumstances, even with the purchase of a VIP ticket.

13. Tickets to any event and/or activity DOES NOT include accommodation, travel or any other additional expenses, nor does SCL provide any items outside of the purchased ticket package. Tickets to any event and/or activity grants only the rights and privileges stated in the description available on this website. SCL accepts no responsibility for arrangements made by attendees with third parties and does not endorse them.

14. All guests appearing at SCL events are subject to work, personal commitments and unforeseen occurrences, therefore events and/or activities are subject to change and/or cancellations. SCL accepts no responsibility for any cancellation that may happen under any circumstances. If a guest cannot attend an event and/or activity making it so that event and/or activity cannot take place, SCL will arrange a replacement based on the available possibilities.

15. SCL reserves the right to, at any time, during the course of the months prior to and during the duration of the event announce Surprise Guests. These guests are NOT included in any ticket packages. These guests are in attendance under the contractual agreement that all activities they partake in are at their discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, panels, photograph sessions, autograph sessions, meet and greets, and/or any VIP listed activities.
16. Guests attending an event may appear for 3 days, 2 days, 1 day or part of 1 day during the event.
17. Some guests may request a limit on the number of autographs signed and/or photos taken. Photo and/or autograph sessions could be subject to time limits or other unexpected restrictions, therefore SCL cannot guarantee unlimited additional photo ops and/or autographs for all participants. In the case of a sell-out of photo ops and/or autograph sessions no others will be provided.
18. Attendance to activities such as photo ops and/or autographs are NOT to be treated as a meet & greet with any guest. Ticket Holders cannot request personalization of ANY type for photo ops and/or autographs unless it is offered in the purchased Ticket Package.

19. Guests’ autographs can only be received on official SCL photos, merchandise, brochures, and Ticket Holder’s personal items suitable for the purpose. Guests reserve the right to refuse to sign items of unlicensed merchandise, items they find offensive and/or unsuitable.

20. Ticket Holders attending autographs sessions can give gifts to guests personally but each gift must be easily accessible to allow a security check of the contents. GIFT BAGS ONLY are allowed. If a package is wrapped with paper and sealed, the paper will be removed by security. If any Ticket Holders refuses to allow the package to be opened or inspected the package will immediately be placed in the trash.


21. NO LIVE STREAMING OR VIDEO/AUDIO RECORDING of the guests at the event and/or activities (both regular and VIP ones) AT ANY TIME. This includes but is not limited to while they are on stage, walking to and from activities, hanging out in the lounge area, photo sessions, autograph sessions, meet and greets, dinners, cocktail parties, etc. They are there to enjoy themselves as much as the Ticket Holders and are not to be harassed, mobbed, swarmed and/or made uncomfortable in any form. ANY Ticket Holder breaching this rule will be reported to security immediately, have their badge revoked, and be removed from the event and/or activity with no refund of monies for purchases granted.
22. At SCL events and/or activities participants are allowed to take pictures of the guests in the Main Hall ONLY from their seats. Flash photography is allowed during the first FIVE (5) minutes that a guest is on stage. Ticket Holders are allowed to take pictures only from their seats and without use of flash during the event and/or activities. No photography of the guests outside of the main hall will be tolerated. ANY Ticket Holder breaching this rule will be reported to security immediately, have their badge revoked, and be removed from the event with no refund of monies for purchases granted.

               ***All pictures acquired this way are for personal use only, any commercial use is strictly prohibited.
                        Photo ops pictures are for personal use only, any commercial use of them is strictly prohibited. *** 
23. Any claims brought forth against SCL will be litigated under the jurisdiction of the Missouri State Courts in Platte County.
24. SCL has the right to add, remove or amend all the conditions in these pages according to Missouri Law and with the purpose to protect and organize the company’s event and/or activities. By purchasing an event and/or activities ticket, you are confirming that you have read, understood and agree to these Terms and Conditions and to all information and rules available on this website.

We are provided with data which is, or may be, personal data in relation to Customers or their individual representatives.
This information includes and is limited to:
Full Name, Date of Birth, Mailing Address, Phone Number and Email Address

All collection of funds for purchases is handled via PayPal and/or Square Up. We do not obtain, collect or keep record of any payment form information such as account numbers, routing numbers, or full credit card information.

***SCL does not intend to violate copyrights or supersede rightful copyrights holders of TV shows, movies and other works of art that could be promoted and/or celebrated through SCL’s events and/or activities. SCL’s intent is to promote above mentioned artistic works, friendship between groups of fans gathering from all over the world, and interactions between fans and professionals in the field of television and movies.***

We are happy to provide a Ticket Payment Plan (TPP) to those that wish to purchase the passes but cannot do so at one time. We offer the TPP on THREE (3) different tickets there is a flat rate added to each of the ticket tiers for this process, the full amount due includes tax.

If you opt to use the Ticket Payment Plan - Your ticket number will be assigned once the ticket purchase is PAID IN FULL – meaning that while you have a guaranteed seat in the section you have purchased (based on the ticket package selected) you DO NOT HAVE A SEAT NUMBER assigned until ticket payment has been received in full.  Once your last payment is made your seat number will be assigned.

Please note that there is an EXTREMELY Limited amount of tickets available for this

LALLYBROCH/ FRASER’S RIDGE –Cost + $30.00 Processing Fee
Payments will be split into TWO (2) equal payments:
The first payment is due immediately.
The second payment is due45 days from that date.

Individuals who fail to pay according to the agreed payment plan will have their Ticket Purchase Plan voided at any time after the missed payment including as early as 00:01 the day after. In the event that an individual fails to make the payments according to this schedule any payments previously made to SC for Ticket Purchase will not be refunded and SC will not be considered responsible for any cost or loss sustained in relation to this Ticket Purchase Plan.

1. The request will be considered approved ONLY when a Team Member of SCL responds with a written confirmation.

2. In case of a requirement of a name change due to marriage/divorce etc. SCL requires proof of name change through documentation provided by           the state/country/government in which ticket holder resides.

3. SCL reserves the right to deny the ticket transfer request for any reason deemed necessary under the legal rights to refuse services. This transfer       process is to be used for all tickets and extras purchased.


5. The following information is required when requesting a Ticket Transfer:

Original Ticket Holder Information (Transferor)
• Complete Legal Name (As It Appears On Your Photo ID/Passport/Driver License)

• Email Address
• Date of birth (Must Be Over 18 yrs. of Age)
• Phone number (Including Country Code)
• Any extras that were purchased

New Ticket Holder Information (Transferee)
Complete Legal Name (As It Appears On Your Photo ID/Passport/Driver License)

• Email Address • Home Address (As It Appears On Your Photo ID/Passport/Driver License)
• Date of birth(Must Be Over 18 yrs. of Age)
• Phone number (Including Country Code)
• Specify if you have special needs due to health (No / Yes plus details of what you need)

**SCL is not responsible for any payment of funds between the transferor and transferee. All financial matters in regards to the ticket transfer is of a private nature. Nor can SCL be held accountable for any loss or financial downfall that may be caused by the transferring parties as payment for ticketed goods has already been received and processed in full by SCL**