Duncan Lacroix

 Murtagh Fitzgibbons
 His heart belonged to Ellen MacKenzie, but hers belonged to Brian Fraser. Yet even though he couldn’t have her, he couldn’t leave her and so he was bound to the Fraser Clan by becoming the godfather to her son Jamie. Through the years he watched over the lad as he grew into a man, and the space in his heart slowly filled with a fatherly devotion for this child not of his blood.

Steven Cree

 Ian Murray
The head of the Murray family grew
up with his best friend and brother in law Jamie Fraser. Standing his ground in battle was nothing compared to standing his ground against the ever passionate tempers of the Frasers. With a kind hand and gentle heart he has become the cornerstone of Lallybroch, able to bring calm when
the flames of anger erupt, to bring a sense of logic to chaos, he is the strength that keeps the Frasers and
the Murrays together