The Second Coming November 16-18, 2018
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We are pleased to have Nina with us, she has developed items specific to our event that will only be available at Sasnak City Gathering.  We know you will be  as enchanted with the collections as we are.  Make plans to t reat  yourself during your visit to Sasnak City. Enjoy!
(She will not be able to accept credit or debit cards so have your paypal account ready or cash is great.)
Take a peek at her site.

Bohemian Prairie Alchemist

Bohemian Prairie Alchemist provides soaps made with sheep's milk, My research of over 30 years, of soap making and herbalism, along with my certification of Aromatherapy begat this business. Click on the picture to explore my wares and read the rest of the story.
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to see more. Midwestern vibes, nature-enthusiast, and a curious wanderer.  See unique hand drawn designs translated in wood, leather, metal and found pieces to create  
new fresh and vibrant designs.
This is Lost & Found Design.

Rock'n t Leather Works

A collection of hand tooled leather goods custom made to bring to life your vision. Enjoy one of a kind items crafted by a talented and detailed craftsman. We are proud to showcase another Kansas City treasure.