1. "IAN MURRAY" Growing up at Lallybroch as best friend to Jamie Fraser, the experiences of war gave him all that is necessary to live among the Fraser Clan. Charismatic, with a gift for diplomacy and an abundance of patience, the now brother-in-law to Jamie, needs all three to live with the ever so passionate Frasers. Lallybroch would truly be lost without him.
    Steven Cree
  2. "LAIRD COLUM MACKENZIE" With character surpassing even the most rugged Highland men, he rules with intellect and emotion. He is a man confident in his abilities, knowing all that is needed to protect his clan and steer his people toward prosperity. As brother to War Chieftain Dougal and uncle to Jamie Fraser, Colum Mackenzie proved that it's not the physical stature that makes the man, but the cunning and strength to triumph.
    Gary Lewis
  3. "Marsali McKimmie Fraser" Lauren joined Outlander in Season 3 as the strong-willed older daughter of Laoghaire Mackenzie. Previously, she appeared in three episodes of BBC’s Broken, which starred Sean Bean as a priest; and in The Crucible, starring Richard Armitage. Fans really enjoyed her portrayal of the young woman with a fierce love of Fergus, and an equally fierce distrust of Claire.
    Lauren Lyle
  4. "YOUNG IAN" Perhaps the most gregarious of all the Murray family, young Ian won’t be satisfied living the life of a young farmer at Lallybroch. With his chosen role model of his uncle Jamie Fraser, he yearns for the adventuresome life his father and uncle experienced in their youth. A patriot to his core, prideful, stubborn, yet loving, and kind, young Ian has confidence enough for all the men of his family, sometimes too much. With his best friend Fergus at his side finding fun in Edinburgh is easy, yet it’s not until he leaves his beloved Scotland that the adventure he has longed for begins.
    John Bell
  5. "Fergus" Fergus rooted himself in the life and heart of the man that would become his guardian starting from the moment he stole Jamie’s precious Sawny. With an easy charm, strength of character and courage of a Highland warrior, this handsome Frenchman finds his true love, and true home, within the Fraser clan. The ties with Jamie, Claire, and Young Ian are stronger than any blood bond and it’s those ties that shape him into the man he becomes.
    César Domboy
  6. "DesRupert Mackenzie" Grant has been a fan favorite since the first episode of Outlander. He turned a minor book character into an important and loved TV character, which isn’t surprising, as Grant himself is funny, kind, and very talented. Grant has a background on the stage, and attended theatre school with Laura Donnelly and Sam Heughan. He is currently appearing in The Belle’s Strategem, a play written in 1780, at the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh.
    Grant O’Rourke
  7. "Dougal Mackenzie" As the War Chief of Clan Mackenzie, Graham McTavish alternately charmed and offended the Outlander audience. Graham has been very busy in both film and TV, appearing in the latest chapter of the Rocky series Creed, as Dwalin in The Hobbit series, and as a regular on the TV series Preacher. Upcoming appearances include a guest starring role in season 3 of Colony, and Sargasso, a new film by Adam Sigal. Think you might have heard his voice coming from your kids’ video games? You probably have – Graham has an extensive career as a video game voiceover actor, providing talent for games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops and Infamous 2.
    Graham McTavish
  8. "Stephen Bonnet" While we haven’t yet seen him in Outlander, we’re all madly anticipating Ed Speleers’ turn as the callously nasty pirate Stephen Bonnet. Ed has a lot of experience with historic, costumed dramas: he played the main role in the fantasy film Eragon; starred in Wolf Hall; and is probably best known as Jimmy Kent in Downton Abbey, a role for which he won both a Golden Globe and an Emmy. This is Ed’s first Outlander fan event!
    Ed Speleers